German Synagogue

Vollständiger Jahrgang von Terzett-und Chorgesängen der Synagoge in München‎


Collection of trios and choir songs of the synagogue in Munich, for the entire yearly cycle.
Collected in three volumes: 1st vol.: 27 songs, recitatives and responses for the Sabbath.
2nd vol.: 39 general songs and songs for Shlosha Regalim: Sukkot, Pesach and Shavu’ot.
3rd vol.: 95 songs for This’a Be’av, Purim and High Holidays.

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Thesaurus of Hebrew Oriental Music

The most important anthology of Jewish music. The first five volumes contain music of Oriental Jewish communities which Idelsohn heard in Jerusalem during the years 1907-1921. The other five volumes contain music of Ashkenazi communities which Idelsohn collected from different sources. Volumes VI and VII are based on the manuscripts of the Birnbaum Collection at the Library of the Hebrew Union College Cincinnati.

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1914 (vol. I), (1922-1933 (vol. II-X)

Mordechai Breuer

Historian, composer, and recorder of the musical tradition of the Frankfurt am Main community

Mordechai Breuer was born in the city of Frankfurt am Main on April, 1918. He was the second son of Dr. Yitzhak Breuer and Esther Jenny, born Eizman. Mordechai was born and raised in the house of his grandfather 'Beit Harav', Rabbi Shlomo Breuer, the community’s rabbi, and the father-in-law of Rabbi Shimshon Rafael Hirsch who formed, shaped, and led the community.

1918 - 2007