Cantiques de Salomon Rossi

One of Naumbourg’s important contributions to the development of Jewish music was his work on the modern edition of Salomon de Rossi’s Ha-Shirim Asher li-Shelomo. Naumbourg went to great lengths to collect all of the parts of Rossi’s score which were scattered throughout several libraries in Western Europe. Once the entire score was in his possession, Naumbourg edited the material and released 30 of the 33 original pieces under the title Cantiques de Salomon Rossi

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Parallels Between the Old–French and the Jewish Song

A somewhat controversial article in which Idelsohn tries to show traces of Jewish music in French folk music. Jews settled in France in the fourth century; "they were scattered throughout the country and lived mingled with the native people" until the fourteenth century when they were expelled twice, first in 1306 and for the second time in 1394.

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