Folk songs

In Ale Gasn\ Hey Hey Daloy Politsey

In honor of May Day, this month's song of the month is a Yiddish song about the political struggles of Jewish socialists, communists, and even anarchists, in Russia and Poland since the ending of the 19th century until the beginning of the 20th century. The song is actually a combination of two songs, arranged by Zalman Mlotek, musician, conductor, arranger and an authority in Yiddish folk and theater music.

Nights in Canaan: Early Songs of the Land of Israel (1881-1946)


A collection of songs from the period of 1882-1946, sung in Canaan - Palestine - Land of Israel. Sung in Hebrew, Yiddish and Arabic by various performers. Collected and annotated by Yaakov Mazor. Program notes in Hebrew.


Performers: Yirmiyahu Rosenzweig, Bat-Ami Zemiri, Shimon Felman, Ra'ya Rotem, Miryam Levitin, Ezra Kadduri, Rami Bar-Giora, Carmeliyya Sela, Professor Menashe Har-El, Moshe Kedem. 

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