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Music of the Holocaust

Retrieved from: The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum: Research: Bibliographies Introduction and overview of music in the Third Reich and the Holocaust, from the Nazi attempts to "purify" music in the 1930s to the impact of the ghettos and camps on Jewish musical traditions of Eastern Europe. Includes a bibliography of secondary literature on the subject as well as listings of songbooks from the ghettos and music in commemoration of the Holocaust.

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The practice of music as an expression of religious philosophy among the East-Ashkenazi Jews

Special issue on Jewish music Establishing a conceptual framework for the discussion of the liturgical music of the East Ashkenazi Jews cannot apply the commonly accepted notions of prayer, speech, sacred, music, and art as separate categories.

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Hebraeisch-orientalischer Melodienschatz, 09[G]: Der Volksgesang der osteuropaeischen Juden

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This entry is part of an online exhibit entitled: "Hava Nagila: From Idelsohn to Belafonte & Beyond," prepared by Eva Heinstein with help from the JMRC staff. To view the exhibit in its entirety click on the link above.

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