Diasporic Jewish Culture

Le Blues du Yiddish

Directed by Sylvie Anne Goldberg and Alex Szalat
This film is about Yiddish culture in Paris. The soundtrack features Yiddish songs and there are also performances of songs such as, David Meyerovitz's Vos Geven is Geven Un Mito and Jennie Goldstein and Morris Rund's Ikh Bin a Mame. Both are performed by Talila, the Jewish French singer and actress.

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Klezmer in Germany

Directed by  K. Zanussi and C. Goldie

An episode of the BBC series "European Roots." In this episode Klezmer music is discussed as well as the different aspects of its recent revival in Germany amongst Jewish and non Jewish musicians.

Excerpt from the film featuring American musician Alex Jacobowitz who performs marimba on the streets of Germany:

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In the Fiddler's House: Itzhak Perlman

Directed by Glenn DuBose and Don Lenzer

Famed classical violinist Itzhak Perlman joins klezmer bands and musicians, such as The Klezmatics and The Klezmer Conservatory Band. The songs that are performed are listed as follows:

1. Mayn elterns fargenign ("Sam Musiker")

2. Rufn di kinder aheym (Calling the children home)

3. Doyna and hora

4. Basarabye (Bessarablia)

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