Chants de sable et d'etoiles - Chants of Sand and Stars

90 min. French, Hebrew, Arabic, Yiddish, Ladino, and English w/ English subtitles
Director: Nicolas Klotz.
Documentary on the importance and utilisation of traditional music in Sephardic Jewish communities - from the Middle East, via America, to Africa. A unique compilation of footage of chazzanot, or Jewish liturgical pieces, from across the Jewish world, and an investigation of its influence on other communities and visa versa.

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Se il violinista cade dal tetto… L’Italia nel revival della “musica klezmer” [If the Fiddler Falls Off the Roof… Italy in the “Klezmer Music” Revival]

Examines the popularity of klezmer music in Italy, where it has become synonymous with Jewishness and denotes a musical culture that is believed to live in a transnational and multicultural world outside of history. Recent scholarship on the definition and history of traditional klezmer repertoires is reviewed, and general trends in the klezmer revival are described.

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