Moses Pergament


Born in Helsinki, Finland. Studied in St. Petersburg and Berlin before settling in Stockholm, Sweden where he worked as a composer, conductor, and music critic. His musical influences range from German Expressionism and French Impressionism to Jewish themes and Biblical cantillation.

Sources: Encyclopedia Judaica, Grove Music Online.


Isaac Eliyahu Navon

Israeli-Turkish Poet, writer and composer

Isaac Eliyahu Navon was born in Adrianpole (today Edirne) on May 17, 1859. His father, Rabbi Eliyahu Navon, was one of the Jewish intellectuals and public figures in Adrianpole, a city which had, from the seventeenth century until WWI, one of the most prosperous communities of Sephardic Jews in the Ottoman Empire.


Zalman Polak

Cantor, composer and teacher of Ashkenazi prayer and cantorial music

1901: Born in Yugoslavia.

1919: Immigrated to Israel with his mother.

1920: Injured in the riots in Jerusalem.

1921: Invited to serve as cantor in The Great Synagogue, (Beit ha-Knesset ha-Gadol) of Rishon LeZion.

1922: Returned to his homeland to recover, to serve time in the military, and to complete his training as a cantor. He finished his cantorial education with cantor Yehuda Lieb Miller in Vienna, and with Josef Baser Mesobotitza. During this time he was active with the Organization of Yugoslavian Cantors.


Yehoshua Lakner

Israeli composer

Born in Czechoslovakia, and immigrated to Palestine in 1941. Worked as a teacher in Israel and later in Switzerland, where he settled in 1963. Lakner's compositions include incidental music, works with the use of computers, and more.