Armand Sabah

Oud player & Expert in the musical tradition of Morocco and Algeria

Armand Sabah was born in 1952 in Marrakesh, Morocco, and immigrated to Israel with his family when he was 10 years old. His father's family was musical and was related to the famous Moroccan singer and composer, Sami Elmagribi. His father's great love for music was expressed not only in the music that was always heard at home but also in the many discs that he bought at every possible opportunity. Thus, from infancy Sabah absorbed Moroccan’s music different styles.

born 1952

Embroidered Canticles

Directed by Izza Genini

Film about Andalusian Jewish music. Featuring interviews on the subject aling with performances by Rabbi Haim Louk (information on his album that he released with Jewish Music Research Centre can be found here) and Abdelsadek Chekara.


Excerpt from the film:



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Ofer Ronen

Flamenco guitarist & Oud player, Musician, composer

Ofer Ronen was born in Tel-Aviv, Israel, and at a young age moved to the northern village Abirim, in the western Galilee. He began playing the guitar at a young age, and later he also began to play the oud. His work includes composing, arranging and performing with a fusion of musics between middle eastern Jewish and Arab musics, flamenco, and sephardic music.