Curt Sachs

American musicologist of German birth, founders of modern organology

Born in Berlin, Sachs studied piano, music theory and composition as a youth in that city. He began a career as an art historian, but promptly became more devoted to music, eventually being appointed director of the Staatliche Instrumentensammlung, a large collection of musical instruments. He reorganised and restored much of the collection, and his career as an organologist began. In 1933, following Nazi persecution, Sachs moved to Paris, and later to the United States, where he settled in New York City.


Singing in the Dark

Directed by Max Nosseck  

This film is one of the first Hollywood films to deal with the Holocaust and starts cantor and star of the Yiddish cinema Moyshe Oysher in his only English language role. It is about a cantor who is a holocaust survivor with traumatic amnesia and who can only sing when he is inebriated.

Film include footage shot in the historic Levetzow Synagogue in Berlin that was razed shortly thereafter.

Excerpt from the film:

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Photo taken from the National Center for Jewish Film

The Jewish Songster

A collection of songs edited by the Goldfarb brothers- Israel and Samuel Eliezer. This collection was part of their joint endeavor in the education of the American Jewish youth. Their songsters contained songs suited for public singing, which was asked for by the younger modern generation. This particular songster was prepared for use in Jewish religious schools, and it contains only the words of songs.

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Mizmor l’David‎:‎ an anthology of synagogue music


Compiled, edited and arranged by David J. Putterman.‎ Includes compositions by Marc Lavry, Alexander Tansman, Zavel Zilberts, Paul Ben Haim, Eduard Birnbaum, Yedidya Admon, M. Kohn, R. Kosakoff, M. Lustig, Solomon Rosowsky, Y. H. Wohl, A. M. Rabinowitch, L. Agazi, M. Silver, H. Adler, N. Robinson, A. W. Binder, E. Mills, Samuel Alman, H. Adler, Jacob Rapaport, I. Goldfarb and others.

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Klezmer Pioneers: European & American Recordings, 1905-1952


This album features remastered recordings from American and European Klezmer greats such as Art Shryer, Abe Elenkring, Sam Musiker, Mishka Tsiganoff, Abe Schwartz, Joseph Cherniavsky, Josef Solinski, Naftule Brandwein, Joseph Moskowitz, Dave Tarras, and more. The album includes the following tracks:

1. The Rabbi's Dance - Art Shryer's Orchestra
2. Revery Dream-Jewish Fantasy - Art Shryer's Yiddish Orchestra
3. From The Wedding - Abe Elenkrig's Yidishe Orchestra

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