Jewish and Israeli Music in Films

Database of documentaries, features and other film footage that contain relevant materials on Jewish and Israeli music. It also includes articles that discuss aspects of Jewish and Israeli musical representation in films.

Chants de sable et d'etoiles - Chants of Sand and Stars

90 min. French, Hebrew, Arabic, Yiddish, Ladino, and English w/ English subtitles
Director: Nicolas Klotz.
Documentary on the importance and utilisation of traditional music in Sephardic Jewish communities - from the Middle East, via America, to Africa. A unique compilation of footage of chazzanot, or Jewish liturgical pieces, from across the Jewish world, and an investigation of its influence on other communities and visa versa.

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Channels of Rage

Documentary, 72 min.
Written & Directed by: Anat Halachmi
Produced by: Anat Halachmi – Anat Halachmi Productions, Tel Aviv
Sponsored by: The New Foundation for Cinema & Television and Israel’s Documentary Channel

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