Ruth HaCohen


Ph.D (1992) from the Hebrew University; Chair of the Department of Musicology at the Hebrew University (2001-4). At HU she also teaches regular courses in the Amirim Program for Outstanding Students (Languages of Art), and in the Cultural Studies program for graduate students. In her work, HaCohen combines an aesthetic-philosophic outlook with an historical, stylistic and semiotic analysis. Her range of topics covers musical phenomena, including Jewish music, from the early baroque up through the twentieth century. Central to her work is the attempt to unearth the ideological underpinning and cultural impact of music making in the light of contemporary modes of thought and debates. Currently she is working on the aesthetic-ideological environment of Jewish and anti-Jewish musical culture in modern Europe, and its promulgation through imaginary worlds of major musical and literary works, and on a phenomenologically-based comparison of religious music in Judaism and Christianity. A visiting scholar at the University of Oxford  (1996-7) and a Fellow at the Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin (2004-5). Since 2001 co-chairs, with Prof. Almut Sh. Bruckstein, Ha‘AtelieR Collegium Berlin.