Ofer Ronen

Flamenco guitarist & Oud player, Musician, composer

Ofer Ronen was born in Tel-Aviv, Israel, and at a young age moved to the northern village Abirim, in the western Galilee. He began playing the guitar at a young age, and later he also began to play the oud. His work includes composing, arranging and performing with a fusion of musics between middle eastern Jewish and Arab musics, flamenco, and sephardic music.

His studies include a BA in musicology from the Hebrew university in Jerusaelm, a graduation diploma from the Fundación de Crisitina Heeren del Arte Flamenco, in Seville, Spain, and a master in flamenco guitar, from the Escola Superior de Musica de Catalunya, in Barcelona.

Ronen performed in several festivals and venues in Israel and Europe. His group Ancient Groove received the KunstenIsrael prize for “best Israeli ensemble”, in the 2017 International Jewish Music Festival. Ancient Groove also received a grant from Mifal Hapayis for their 2016 tour between cities with Jewish heritage in Spain (juderías).

Source: Ofer Ronen website including Ronen's discography, productions and performances

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Rumba de Shapira/ composed by Ofer Ronen:


Samai For Ana/ composed by Ofer Ronen: