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Mothers of Today - Hayntige Mames

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Directed by Henry Lynn

This film, starring Yiddish radio star Esther Field is about the deterioration of a Jewish family on account of American society and features a variety of songs. These include Shabbat prayers, such as the Kiddush, the lighting of candles, and singing Zmirot. Additionally, there is a song about the shtetl combined with a touching version of Got Fon Avroham which is a prayer in Yiddish mostly commonly recited by women, a version of Kol Nidrei sung by the character of the Cantor, and a song about the mother's disappointment in her children. It can be incurred that singing in this film represents a bond to the traditional way of life, and as the children distance themselves from it, there is less and less singing.

More information can be found at the National Center for Jewish Film at Brandeis University website.