Leyb Rozental

Songwriter & playwright in the Vilna Ghetto

Leyb Rozental was one of the most prolific writers of revue theater in the Vilna ghetto. Many of his songs were written for and sung by his sister, Chayele. Rozental's songs were also sung and performed outside of the theater, particularly his revue song, 'Tsu eyns, tsvey, dray' (One, two three). Rozental's song 'Yisrolik,' about a tough but sentimental child entrepreneur, became widely popular in the ghetto. Like many of Rozental’s songs, it was first performed by Chayela (1924-1979), who later recorded the song in Paris ca. 1948. Leyb Rozental was drowned by the Germans in the Baltic Sea near Könisburg in January 1945.


Sung by Chayele Rozental, Leyb's sister. Music: Misha Veksler. Words: Leyb Rozental.