Joachim Stutschewsky


Joachim Stutschewsky (Romny, Ukraine, 1891 – Tel-Aviv, 1982, immigrated in 1938), was a well-known cellist, composer, arranger, and writer, a founder of the Society for the Development of Jewish Music in Vienna, and a cellist in the famous Viennese quartets: the Jena String Quartet, and the Kolisch Quartet. Immediately after immigration, he encouraged Israeli composers to write music based on Jewish heritage. As for himself, he favored Ashkenazi, East-European Hassidic melodies, which he often performed and arranged himself. The concerts he initiated in Beit-Brener in Tel-Aviv encouraged many young composers at the time, for he arranged for their works to be premiered at that venue. He won three Engel Prizes (1958, 1959, 1966) for his compositions.

"Hassidic Suite," by Joachim Stutschewsky

Emanuel Gruber, cello. Michael Boguslavsky, piano.

i. Bessarabic Hassidic song

ii. Latvian Song

iii. Nuts and Wine

iv. Dance

Beth Hatefutsoth Records, 1993.