Instructions for Authors

Peer-review process in Yuval is double-blind. Original articles that are not under review elsewhere should not exceed 11,000 words but no less than 8,000 (footnotes and bibliography included). Citations should follow the latest version of the Chicago Manual of Style, using author-date system. For examples please also consult the latest articles published in the new online version.  
A single Word document (.docx, please) should contain the following: the text of the submission; figures, captions, tables, and musical examples; an abstract of 200–300 words; and authors’ contact information. Attachments should not exceed 10MB. Music examples should be supplied as a Portable Document Format (.pdf) file and must have a resolution of at least 300dpi at the final printed size. Illustrations should be supplied as a JPG file, at resolution of 300dpi at 4 × 6 inches. 
Audio sources should be submitted in two formats: MP3 (filename extension .mp3) or AAC (filename extension .m4a). Files should have at least 16 bit, 44.1 kHz. Video sources should be submitted in two different formats: H.264 (filename extension .m4a; audio: AAC [16 bit, 44.1 kHz, min 128 kbit/s]) and VP8 (filename extension .webm; audio: Vorbis [16 bit, 44.1 kHz, min 128 kbit/s]). Keep resolution, aspect ratio and frame rate of source (sources should have at least a height of 480 pixels and a frame rate of 25).
For inquiries please consult the editorial board at