Herzl Shmueli

Israeli musicologist

Herzl Shmueli was born in Istanbul and immigrated to Palestine in 1933. He studied theory and composition with Arieh Uri Boscovich at the Tel Aviv Conservatory (1944-1948). Later, he continued his studies in Zurich, studying musicology, composition and acoustics, and received his PhD in 1953 from the University of Zurich. Shmueli taught at the Tel Aviv Academy of Music and at the music teachers' seminar, where he was also the director (1955-1966), and was a professor and the head of the musicology department at Tel Aviv University (1971-1974, 1987-1989). Shmueli was one of the first to research Israeli music, including Israeli folksongs and art music. His other fields of research included music education and European music of the 18th and 19th centuries. In 2001 he received the Israel Prize.

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