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Golden Voices of Israel

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Golden Voices of Israel is a collection of original footage of performances of some of the most famous cantors of modern times such as Yosele Rosenblatt and Moishe Oysher. The film is not a documentary in the sense that there is no narrative that talks about the cantors, there are no explanations or voiceovers in any of the scenes, only inter-titles at the beginning of each song that show the name of each song and its performer. What the film does provide is rare and touching performances from each of the 8 cantors, some of which include female choruses, and scenes from films that the songs were taken from. For example, Moyshe Oysher's version of Kol Nidrei is taken from the 1940 Yiddish film Overture to Glory.


The Tracklist to the film is:

1. Yosele Rosenblatt- Hashem Zacharnu Yevarech

2. Yosele Rosenblatt- Mah Lcha Hayam

3. Joseph Shlisky- Ubeshofar Gadol

4. Leibale Waldman-Kol Nidrei

5. David Roitman - Ashamnu Mikol Am

6. Moishe Oysher-Hineni

7. Moishe Oysher-Kol Nidrei

8. Adolph Katchko-M'Loch

9. Mordechai Hershman-Mimkimcha

10. Samuel Malavsky- Kevarakat Ro'eh Edro

11. Samuel Malavsky- Tsur Mishelo Achalnu