Ami Maayani

Israeli composer

Ami Maayani (b. Ramat-Gan, near Tel-Aviv, 1936 d. 2019) had always emphasized the use of Jewish folk traditions, both Mizrahi and Ashkenazi, as well as elements of Arab music throughout his works. He is known internationally for his compositions for the harp. He studied with Ben-Haim, and at Columbia University with Ussachewsky in the early 1960's. Among his works are: Harp Concerto (Engel Prize, 1960), Poem (flute, strings 1965), Regalim, soprano, orchestra (1966), Concertos for violin and cello (1967), Tehilim (Symphony no. 1, 1974), Harp Quartet (1975), Harp Concerto (1980), and Sinfonietta (Symphony no.4, 1982). Maayani studied architecture before his music studies, and after completing his musical education, he studied philosophy. He chaired the Israel Composers’ League, and also The Rubin Israel Academy of Music at Tel Aviv University in the 1990's. He also wrote a three-volume book about Wagner.

Sinfonietta on Popular Hebraic Themes (Symphony No.4) - Ami Maayani


The Israel Sinfonietta Beer Sheva
Mendi Rodan - Conductor