Jewish Music Mapped


The Jewish Music Research Centre is pleased to launch Jewish Music Mapped (JMM), a project within the application Jewish Cultures Mapped, an interactive online map for Jewish music research from the perspective of time and place. Daat Hamakom, a research center supported by the Israel Science Foundation, launched Jewish Cultures Mapped in 2016, and since 2020 the application is under the management of the Jewish Music Research Centre.

The map, based on the latest technologies of digital mapping and visualization, is a flexible platform that enables the display and sharing of information from various databases and sources and can be accessed by clicking on the above image. The user interface, uniquely developed for the project, combines a map and a timeline that visually illustrates spatial and temporal relationships and movement that characterize the development of musical cultures. The map displays multimedia documentation that includes photos, recordings and videos along with geographical and historical information.

JMM currently displays several projects such as "Hatikvah" - Sources and reception of the Israeli national anthem created by Prof. Edwin Seroussi and "Kol Mekadesh Shevi'i" - The history and wanderings of a famous zemer for the Sabbath by Dr. Naomi Cohn-Zentner. In addition, the entire Anthology of Music Traditions in Israel is being uploaded to JMM. We are happy to present the first collection of the Anthology on the map, The Hasidic Niggun as Sung by the Hasidim.

More information and a user manual of Jewish Cultures Mapped are available on the map website.

Initiative: Prof. Edwin Seroussi
Project Manager: Dr. Joseph Sprinzak
Visual design: Mushon Zer-Aviv
Software development: Yuval Adam, Tal Ben-Basat