Uri Aharon

Uri Aharon
Composer, conductor, researcher

Graduated from the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance, and later received his Ph.D in Musicology frim Tel Aviv University. Between the years 1993-2007 he was the conductor and musical director of The Jerusalem Cantors' Choir. In 2007 he founded the new cantors' choir Zimrat Ya, where he currently serves as conductor and a musical director. As a researcher, his recent projects focuses on the distinctive use ans implementation of the pentatonic scale in core melodies of Biblical cantillation found throughout various Jewish communities. He wrote the book "The Sound and The Taste; Seeing the Sound and Hearing the Taste- the Discovery of the Pentatonic Scale". In addition, he has published several articales and wrote a manual on reading psalms according to "Nussach Aram Tzuba" tradition. A forthcoming book centers around a collection of some 70 melodies for "Shir Hama'alot" gathered from various western European tradition.