Eric Werner

Musicologist and composer
1901 - 1988

Musicologist and composer. Born in Ludenberg (near Vienna).

 Studied music and religion in several cities in Europe, receiving his Ph.D in musicology at the University of Strasbourgin 1928. Taught in Saarbrucken (1926-1933) and Breslau (1934-1938). Immigrated to the U.S. in 1938. Began teaching Jewish music and liturgy at the HebrewUnionCollege in 1939, becoming the chairman of its School of Sacred Music in New York in 1951.

Besides general musicological research, Werner has researched in the field of Jewish music, on topics such as comparative Jewish-Christian music, Jewish composers, Ashkenazi liturgy and more.

His compositions include mainly Jewish liturgical works, in addition to choral compositions, songs and instrumental works.

Sources: Encyclopedia Judaica, Concise Encyclopedia of Jewish Music (Macy Nulman).Eric Werner's collection in Leo Baeck Institute. A bibliography of Werner's writings can be found in Musica Judaica vol. 10, no. 1.: Dedicated to the Memory of Eric Werner (1901-1988).